Edo, Ada and Ampiri Speakers of Southeast Asia

“O LORD, you alone are my hope. I’ve trusted in you, O LORD, from childhood. ” (Psalm 71:5, NLT)

The Edo, Ada and Ampiri are the three language groups make up the Basera New Testament Cluster project. Edo speakers are a small, close-knit group living on a thoroughfare. The Ada people are scattered across fourteen villages in remote, unsafe areas. The Ampiri, even more scattered than the Ado, live in sixteen villages spread far across the region. As a whole, the Basera peoples have displayed great enthusiasm for Bible translations in their own languages, each group for its own unique reasons. None has a copy of the Scriptures in their language, though some ambitious locals have already begun working toward that end. Project Goal: New Testament, Genesis, Ruth and The Life of David.

  • “Crazy!” That is what some people were saying about plans to record the “JESUS” film into four new languages at once. The languages included all three Basera Cluster languages plus Hua. And though the film was recorded in different locations, and the teams faced a number of challenges, each team was successful in completing its recording. The “JESUS” film should be ready for distribution in June or September.
  • Since Luke was published last September, all three Basera teams have been distributing copies in their villages. Already, more than a third of the books have been sold. Use of Luke and other Scripture books has been encouraged in churches, Sunday School classes and home meetings.
  • Praise God for the impact the process of translation is having first on the translators, then on members of the various speaker groups. Please pray for unity and wisdom for each team, so that they are able to keep up with their work schedules in Bible translation and in their other work.


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