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Taraba LP Cluster | Etkywan

This language group is participating in the Taraba LP Cluster project.

Tributaries from the Benue River reach into the hilly plains many Ichen people call home. Sunlight dances off the water as it races round the bend. Unafraid of hard work, the Ichen fish the rivers and till land for grains. Herds of cattle and sheep roam the open land.

Nearly 80% of the Ichen community has some knowledge of the Gospel. Yet changing attitudes between the generations and the pressure of another major religion challenges their biblical convictions.

Church leaders have requested help to bring the Bible back into the center of church life. The project’s initial goal is to translate the Gospel of Luke and produce the “JESUS” film with supporting materials. Four trainee translators will work with mentors, learning the skill of translation and gaining valuable experience that will equip them for further translation work in the future.

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