Project Profile

Ogoja Jesus Film Cluster

Languages participating in this cluster:

  • Bekwarra
  • Bete-Bendi
  • Bokyi
  • Ekajuk
  • Kukele
  • Yala

Churches actively support production of the “JESUS” film, in all six of the Ogoja language regions. The translation team is using extracted portions of Luke’s Gospel for the film script. Communities here eagerly anticipate teaching new believers, after they see the film and trust in Christ’s salvation. Pastors also hope for spiritual revival in their congregations. Lutheran, Catholic, Assemblies of God and other Protestant churches have a long history among the six language groups here. So an awareness of the Gospel does exist.

But though some Scripture is available, it’s not widely used. Many Ogoja people practice nominal Christianity, since they don’t understand what the Bible teaches. They also continue elements of African traditional religion, revering their ancestors and sacrificing to spirits. The “JESUS” film and other Ogoja Cluster projects will strengthen believers, reignite interest in local languages and spark future translation.

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