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About thirty years ago, an expatriate couple started Bible translation work among the Alago, but few Alago people seemed interested. Today, the Alago are committed to the development of their language, including the compilation of a dictionary and the preparation of materials for literacy. About 35% of the population professes faith in Christ. Some of those would like to reach out to their friends and neighbors who are bound by legalistic religion or perpetual fearful of animistic spirits. Believers need Scripture in the mother tongue in order to effectively carry out the Great Commission in their culture.

The team plans to develop a mother-tongue literacy program. In this way, people who already read some things in another language can learn to read and appreciate materials written in Alago.

News from the Field
  • Jun25

    Alago of Nigeria

    Good news is exciting to share, and the Alago translators simply couldn’t wait to show their people the first four chapters of Matthew, which they had just completed. Making their way to several Alago towns across bad roads, they unloaded large stacks of booklets to disperse to curious onlookers. And as people read the booklets, they caught the team’s contagious enthusiasm for God’s Word. Praise God!

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  • Apr27

    Alago of Nigeria

    In recent years the Alago people have become passionate about preserving their mother-tongue. So for the first time, local translators have set the language into writing, and literacy programs are gearing up. At such a time as this, about a third of the population—which professes Jesus as Lord—is also excited about getting God’s Word in Alago. In fact, leaders from every evangelical denomination in the region wholeheartedly support this new Bible translation effort.

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