God Can Change the Worst Sinner

Nothing is impossible for God. See how one Kobas speaker in Southeast Asia is transformed by the Word of God.

The Kobas live a simple lifestyle focused on raising enough crops to feed their families. Some earn a small income by growing peanuts. Good health is a significant concern while many face the ongoing threat of malaria and the encroachment of HIV/AIDS. Life expectancy is low and infant mortality high. Many of the Kobas live in fear of evil spirits and follow animistic traditions. Some young people cope with this hopelessness by abusing drugs and alcohol. Suicide is not uncommon.

Two mother-tongue translators are working to bring God’s Word to the Kobas. They know Scripture in their heart language will offer comfort and hope for the trials of life while giving them the opportunity to have a personal relationship with God through Christ. Lives are being impacted by these translated Scriptures.

One Kobas man, known for his devious character and immoral life, confessed repentance of sins while in church. He resumed church attendance after being away almost 20 years. Project facilitator Paul had given him printed portions of Kobas Scripture from time to time. The man is thankful that Paul’s ministry of translating the Scriptures led him back to the Lord. Paul remarked, “God can change the worst sinner.”

Find out more about the Kobas New Testament project here.


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