In God’s eyes, no people group is insignificant. Every church can make a global impact by helping bring Scripture to “the least of these.”

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Imagine facing each day without knowing God. Or, imagine not having a Bible to read in your language.

Every day hundreds of millions of people speaking more than 2,000 unique languages face life without the comfort of God’s Word — not even ONE verse of Scripture — in their language.

Thanks to national partnerships, accelerated Bible translation methods, and churches everywhere, that’s changing. Congregations are joining together to put God’s Word into the hands of unreached people around the world for the very first time.

Seed Company partner, The Bolthouse Foundation, will match every dollar your church or related group gives to translation projects identified as the smallest language groups on Earth!*

Imagine the joy of bringing God’s Word to people for the very first time!

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*Groups of 10,000 speakers or fewer

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