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Believers around the world are ready to translate the Bible for their own people like no other time in history. But major obstacles stand in their way. Few people know about their efforts or how to help. You can use your skills and experience as part of the Seed Company team by bringing God’s Word to people who don’t have even one verse of the Bible, and calling other people to get involved.

  • Salaried Positions

    The Seed Company has a limited number of paid employment opportunities. Paid staff receive a compensation and benefit package for their work, and are not required to raise support for their ministry. A paid position with The Seed Company offers several exciting staff benefits beyond what most employers are able to support or offer.
    See our listings.

  • Supported Positions

    Many individuals serve The Seed Company in supported positions. Supported staff raise their own salaries from friends, families and churches. The Seed Company does provide resources that assist supported staff in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with their financial partners. See our listings.

  • Volunteer Positions

    The Seed Company volunteers are essential servants who use their skills, talents, and education in roles throughout the organization to advance the cause of Bible translation. Our volunteers serve through our partner organization Wycliffe Associates. See our listings.

  • Short-Term Positions

    This new program provides individuals with a variety of options to serve from 6 months to 2 years with the potential of transitioning to a long-term role. Short term-assignments can be either supported or paid positions depending on the need and role. Request more information.


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